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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Thailand (Volume 1)

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Being successful with women in Thailand isn’t just about paying for their time; there’s a science to every step and to every phase. In the book, you’re covered, whether you want to make a traditional Thai woman fall in love with you, or find the best and cheapest sex with the most beautiful women. Whether you want to visit and tour, live and work, or marry and retire in Thailand, here’s what you need to make informed decisions that will keep you on top of the game, and make your bucks go further. With 300 pages (75,000 words) of tips, tricks, secrets, money-savers, dos, don’ts and warnings, this is truly an exhaustive guide. It has EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get the most out of your Thai experience. This book not only outlines the greatest holiday a man could ever have, but the greatest FUTURE he could ever have, too. Regarding Thai women, it focuses on two main areas of interest for Western men: -How to make the most of the “pay-for-play” scene in Thailand -How to have a lasting relationship with a Thai woman • It’ll teach you to distinguish between the ones you want to see short-term and the ones who are girlfriend material. • It’ll show you the steps necessary to get what you’re looking for from any of them, short- or long-term. • It’ll list the things you must do to avoid being taken advantage of in any situation, as so many men are. • It’ll point out where you can find the most beautiful women, and how to go about finding the perfect girlfriend or wife. Book Highlights: • The most thorough collection of information and step-by-step processes to deliver the best possible experience in a Thai Gogo, bar, or massage parlor. • How to find the perfect Thai spouse. • The best collection of money-saving tips ever put together for Thailand when it comes to everything. • Step-by- step instructions on how to have the best vacation of your life. • Everything you could ever need to know about living in Thailand, and an extensive consideration of the facts to help you decide if it will work for you. • 50 reasonably priced or free activities to do in Thailand that don’t involve a bar. • A city-by-city comparison of prices, ladies, activities etc. • A list of every possible scam or con known in this country, and steps to ensure they won’t happen to you. You’ll be impenetrable after reading this. • How to handle a Thai girl’s family. If only tens of thousands of men who found out too late could have read this! • Everything you need to know about making money in Thailand. • A guide to moresome in a Thai threesome. This is a country guidebook like no other, because Thailand has attractions like no other country, and possibilities that no other publication covers. Unlike its competitors, this book not only comprehensively advises on how to enjoy the nightlife and the bar girls for what they are, but also how to consider and approach relationships with any of the 25 million OTHER women in Thailand who DO NOT work in bars. Furthermore, while many books resort to generalizations about Thai women, I teach you the dos and don’ts concerning EVERY TYPE OF GIRL in Thailand for EVERY TYPE OF GUY visiting Thailand. Even if you’ve lived in Thailand for years and think you’ve got it just about covered, this book is likely to open up some interesting avenues of thought for you. Maybe you’re thinking about opening a business in Thailand and wondering why no other book is available to tell you how. My book covers the topic in depth. Once you are in-the-know, you’ll have twice as good a time as the average guy would, and for half of the money when it comes to EVERYTHING. You’ll also earn so much more respect from Thai women and Thai people in the process. This book does not encourage what is wrong, bad or illegal; it encourages only fair play and respect for the people of Thailand and their ways.

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